Developed new solder ball mounter G series that meets 5G needs and provides excellent mass production process and high throughput

We have recently developed the solder ball mounter “G series”, which has excellent mass production process and high throughput that can handle up to 40um solder balls and has started selling and delivering this platform. We have successively received orders from major package board manufacturers mainly in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, and are currently aiming to expand to the Chinese market, where the semiconductor package market is expanding rapidly. We expect to sell and deliver 50 lines or above per year.
In addition to mobile devices such as smartphones and vehicle applications, since 5G has started the service in the world, it is expanding the demand for semiconductor packages for data center or server applications. Therefore, not only high-quality and stable mass production processes but also the total solutions, which are including with inspection and repairing for large units are increasing now. To meet these needs, we have developed the new solder ball mounter “G series” by utilizing the screen-printing machine technology and know-how cultivated over half a century.
We have always been a pioneer in the industry to propose unique devices and systems for “New Value Creation = Obvious Reality”. We will continue to actively work on smaller and thinner technologies for higher speed and higher performance of semiconductor packages.

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