Manufacturing Department
Manufacturing Department
Work to create“Next Generation”

World Largest “10.5 Generation” LCD Manufacturing Equipment

I am in charge of improving and increasing the efficiency of manufacturing, in the production engineering section of Manufacturing Department. I have been mainly responsible for liquid crystal assemble equipment. In recent years, the equipment has become larger for big panels. What we are working on now is equipment called "10.5 generations" that has a mother glass panel size of about 3 m per side, weighing more than 60 tons. How to divide this huge equipment for our smooth transport, and how to efficiently assemble and install the equipment on site are the chances to show our skills. Our role is to deliver the product to the customer's factory and turn on the power supply, but it shows our real equipment performance when the mass-production has been started by our equipment. Looking at the actual liquid crystal panels such as smart phones and TVs, I feel like boasting to my children, "Dad's company's machines are making this."

Do not fear failure, take one step first

The most important thing in my work is "take one step first". Our Manufacturing Department shall be required well-cooperation with other departments, such as Design, Procurement, Administration, etc. Since thinking is solidified merely by thinking alone, I always talk with as many people as possible to get or exchange opinions. The other important thing is to take action first. It is meaningless if you lay the ideas down on the sight. The same ideas and ways cannot be improved more than the current performance or results. So, I always try to remember my spirit of challenge for all and take action first.

Raising my work level and performance will lead to the next generation.

Although efficiency and improvement of the production line is my current work, I would like to focus on developing the next generation of human resources, which is the foundation of the company in the future. Fortunately, our company has good ventilation among departments, and because it makes it possible to discuss each other's thoughts and ideas, we may suggest improvement points from the manufacturing side for the design department or others. Everyone have strong minds to work hard together and achieve the further evolution . As new challenge is also our corporate culture, I always want to challenge new things and grow. By doing that, I believe that I can lead to the next generation by continuing to raise my level and performance.

Manufacturing Department
LCS Center
LCS Center
Connect“End”and“Birth”of Equipment

and Visiting at the actual production site.

Our Department, which is called as Life Cycle Support (LCS) Center, has been starting since equipment were delivered to customers' factories, and I am in charge of after-sales service, maintenance of equipment, and also involved in upgrading the equipment and adding new functions. The current electronic market evolves quickly, and new products are introducing into the market one after another. Our manufacturing equipment must also be upgraded accordingly, but it is costly to replace the equipment itself. Therefore, there is also a high need for modifying to add new functions. Basically, I quite often go to a customer's factory, and also, have overseas business trips every month. Whenever I see that our equipment at the customers’ factory which I did handled, is in full operation, I feel happy and become highly motivated.

Expanding "circle" of communication

My responsibility is to support customers, and the most important thing is communication with customers. Our equipment is always delivered in perfect condition, but unexpected situations may occur during actual operation, so close communication must be required in order to find the root causes of the problem and solve it. I do not think about the solutions by only myself, but I try to think together with customers about the directions and solutions. This is also applying for internal cases in our company. I constantly keep my mind to be extending the circle of friends who can think about solutions together, beyond department and company.

Make the best use of the operation site’s voice for development of equipment

It is a good opportunity that I can listen to various requests from customers at the site where the equipment is actually in operation. Because I can listen to the actual user's comments. Recently, I am also in charge of work to make the best use of such requests to develop new equipment and new functions. By feeding back customers' requests not only to design department but also to manufacturing department, our technical team can always continue to evolve together. In addition, we also develop new equipment together with material company and manufacturers. New materials and equipment are able to create new added value and provide customers with greater value. When I experience it, I feel so happy and realize that the circle, which is quite important to work, is expanding.

LCS Center
Quality Assurance Department
Quality Assurance Department
Aim for the“World's best Quality”

It is important to function as part of the production line

The work of Quality Assurance Department is mainly pre-shipment inspection of products and setup at the site. Although Manufacturing Department carries out transportation and installation to the site, we are in charge of the adjustment and operation confirmation according to the customer's site. Although it is a concrete task to confirm that what comes from the upstream process flows through the correct process without problems to the next process, it is a specific task for customers, not only our company's equipment, but also high quality products. It is important to be completed, it is not uncommon for setup to take nearly a month, and sometimes more than half of the year may be overseas business trips. Still, the sense of accomplishment is great when the line starts moving as much as it was in a difficult situation. It will be like comrades with the local staff who shared the pleasure.

A deep understanding of equipment is indispensable

For proper inspection and adjustment, we have to understand from design philosophy what it is designed for, and why it works like this for what purpose. For this reason, we are constantly exchanging information with departments of design and manufacturing to strive to deepen their understanding of each equipment. There is no timing to face to face easily with the design department, although we may contact by phone or e-mail, we try to speak as much as possible in the face to face. In order to understand it deeply, it is best to communicate directly with the face. By doing so, as a result of consulting beyond the department, if you can set up smoothly in the way you thought together, pleasure is also extraordinary.

I want to fulfill my responsibility as "a keeper of quality"

The quality assurance department is also called "last fortress in the field inspection" or "quality keeper" and is a responsible position to literally guarantee the quality of AIMECHATEC's products. Our products are seriously responsible as they can be used for more than 10 years once they are delivered. It is used by many customers, but one of the reasons why quality is chosen in addition to being innovative in function. Although the functions required by customers change according to the times, I think that we have a system and climate that can respond to the change. We deliver innovative products tailored to the times to our customers with a quality that is proud of the world. I insist that it is the role of the Quality Assurance Department, which is a keeper of quality.

Quality Assurance Department
FPD Design Department
FPD Design Department
“Continue to cause Innovation”

"Manufacturing that goes beyond needs"

I am in charge of assembling equipment mainly in the design department. It is a business that is our main pillar and has the No.1 market share in the world, so we are working on a desire to continue to be the best in the world in terms of performance at all times. In order to create products that are selected by performance rather than cost, we need to grasp the needs of our customers. Since we tend to be biased by just the viewpoint of the design side, we are visiting customers regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas in order to let us hear customers’ voice. I feel the magnitude of expectation when I take time to listen to the customer's voice such as "I want you to do it more" "Next time I want to do this". I think that my mission is to propose something that exceeds the needs of such customers.

What is an equipment that does not need to do anything?

In such a voice there was "I want an equipment that can earn salaries without doing anything." It is something you said like a half joke, but in fact it contains important hints and further brushing up of the equipment is one of the tasks we are working on daily. It is important that people do not need hands as much as possible, and products with the same precision are produced no matter who operates it. We are working on development that changes shape of customer's wishes.

To continue innovation

Speaking of AIMECHATEC, equipment related to FPD are generally known, but thin-film related equipment and semiconductor-related equipment that utilize inkjet technology are steadily growing as a pillar supporting the business. I believe that we can make a big innovation in these fields as we have contributed to the spread of LCD displays. There is an atmosphere in the company that can freely comment on opinions and I am keeping in mind what's more important than anything, but I have a lot of time to be able to smile in my work. I think that in such a workplace, we can create innovative products.

FPD Design Department
Sales & Marketing Department
Sales and Marketing Department
“Create Something not yet existing in the world”

“Create something not yet existing in the world”

I am in charge of sales and creation of new projects for all our products regardless of region or product. As a new project, we are paying attention to the field of thin film related business that will grow from now. We believe that our technology will be useful to provide devices that contribute to automated driving of cars and the evolution of smartphones. All we deal with are custom-made products of our customers, so we will inevitably be in a proposed style. Think about what we can do for customers' "I want to do something like this" "There is such a problem," considering what we can do if there are not in the world, we propose.

Techniques catching the needs and keep connecting

Although I am the sales person, knowledge is necessary to hear exactly the customer's request. We cannot reach customers' real intention if we do not know about products, industry, and materials. That's why it is important to "keep relationship". There are things I do not know in conversation with customers, but similar keywords come out as I talk with people who works for material makers or/and the same industry. And then I can find out customer’s actual needs according to such as above communication. It connects like a puzzle and lives in communication with customers. At the same time, I think that the ability to listen is also very important. Depending on how to listen, the story goes in a different direction at all, so it is probably the most important skill for sales to ask what customers really want to say.

Strengths that are crossing the line at a stroke

For example, our products are also used for AR and VR device. In that product, I did not understand why customer make such a small display at the beginning when delivering equipment to customers. Although it was doubtful for me, but finally I realized that it was actually used for AR and VR device. Micro display for AR and VR is small and very high definition. Recent smartphones are also becoming more refined, but more than 10 times that used in this field. Since it projects an enormously small object with enlarging it, very fine detail is required there. If the entire series of processes cannot be adjusted well, the quality of the final product does not reach the required specification. Since we are doing from liquid crystal coating to assembling with one company, I think that we can make a suggestion that balances the process as a whole. In the future, I'd like to create a genre that I have never seen before. If we combine the experiences of our generations and the ideas of young people not concerned with established ideas, such things will be able to be realized.

Sales & Marketing Department