We have steadily increased our business performance and achieved stable growth, since our splitting off from Hitachi, Ltd. in an incorporation-type company split as of July 1, 2016, to respond to the demands of changing era and to pave the way for further growth and development. President and Representative Director Isao Abe


    Here is the source of competitiveness
    to create the future.
    Our value is to contribute to convenient and
    affluent society. We introduce a part of the value.
    Messages from employees full of enthusiasm
    to open the way by themselves.
    Gathered various information related to our company
    such as technology, history, community, etc.

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We provide the most suitable One Stop Solution by integrating our Core Technologies and Proces Innovations.

Life Cycle Support

Life Cycle Support

Life Cycle Support 100% Satisfaction through the product life span

We AIMECHATEC, provide total support to all customers to produce the latest products with the best conditions through our LCS Activities.

  • Process Support
    Process Support
    Material selection for the latest product launch, development process and verification can be realized at our Process Development Center.
  • Renewal Proposal News
    Renewal Proposal News
    We promote renewal proposal activities aimed at remodeling to manufacture the latest products and improving production capacity.
  • Spare Parts
    Spare Parts
    We will deliver spare parts related news such as guidance on discontinued parts.