New Products

RGB Ink-Jet Printing System

  • Capable for forming materials of OLED, QDOLED and QDμLED, etc.
  • Supplied many process equipment and control system for large panels’ field
  • Turnkey solution (Ink-jet Printing, Dry, Bake, Environment)

Use optimum nozzles for materials characteristics

  • Material circulation mechanism for QD forming materials and accurate temperature control
  • Optimize wave form by intelligent ink-jet head and controller

Mass-production technology standard equipped

  • Matrix offset and injecting pitch (liquid-droplets’ pitch) offset
  • High speed inspection for all Nozzles injection and dripped volume & position
  • Minimize idle time by simultaneous calibration mechanism and structure

Optimize vacuum dry process

  • Optimum design and construction by vacuum control technology and numerical analysis
  • Liquid analysis, VCD vacuum dry, Liquid-droplets behavior simulation

Applicable for various pixel design

  • Pen tile, Side by side and Line bank

Solder Ball Mounter

  • Ensure and deliver mass-production by 40um solder ball
  • New rotary head provides high throughput (25% improved vs Conventional head)
  • On the fly inspection is capable for large packages without any limitation.
Items Specifications
Line Configuration Flux / Ball printer / Inspection & Repair
Panel Transportation Pick & Place (Vacuum pad) or Pick & Place (Clamp)
Throughput(Tact Time) 65sec
Applicable panel size Max. 420 x 300 - Min. 200L x 75W(mm)
Applicable ball diameter 40 - 500(μm)
Alignment repeatability < ±10um
Missing rate (No ball ratio) < 20ppm
Inspection method On the fly inspection (Non-stop imaging)
Applicable max. unit size 120.0 × 120.0(mm)
Inspection time (Reference) Approx 16sec./ 1/4 panel(144unit/panel)
Repair With Flux W/O Flux Available
Ball remove (for extra ball) Available

Micro Display Production System

  • Turnkey ODF solution for 200mm and 300mm Wafer
  • Deliver high performed gap control and ensure high productivity
  • Contributing to various micro display production now (OLED,LCOS,HTPS)

Turnkey Solution

  • High yield
  • Quick set-up & Sable mass-production
  • Process supports by own know-how

All in One System

  • DAM drawing Dispenser
    High speed & Fine line drawing (600um
  • FILL coating Ink-Jet
    Capable for High viscosity material (~1000mPa/s)
  • VAS (Vacuum Assembling System)
    High accurate assembling (Accuracy: 3σ≦0.2um)

Smart Production System

  • Capable system for factory automated production & Remote supports system
  • Integrated control for process equipment and material supply system
  • Provide a solution for clean environment and products

System integrated Control & Management

  • Remote
  • Optimal process
  • Energy saving
  • Maintenance & Service

Automation 1
(for Process Equipment)

  • Material supply
  • Set-up for products changeover

Automation 2
(for Transport System & Unit)

  • Transport system
  • Set-up for materials preparation
  • Set Up for materials preparation (Example)
  • Transport system(Example)
  • Set Up for production changeover(Example)