Continue to provide High Quality Products

We mainly contribute to society and customers by providing manufacturing equipment related to FPD. Especially, the technology called ODF (One Drop Fill) developed by us shortened the manufacturing time of liquid crystal previously taking about whole one day to just a few minutes, by which it became the starting point for spreading Liquid Crystal Television and enlarging Screen.
Our company was newly reborn as AIMECHATEC, Ltd. being separately independent of Hitachi, Ltd. in July 2016. At the beginning, we were somewhat concerned in terms of brand name. However, every customer said that there would be no problem as long as we reliably provide high quality products as usual. Rather, we received words of expectation that the organization would be compact and decision making would become faster.
We believe that this appreciation by every customer was provided to us, because our business style is unchanged due to our continued total work from sales to manufacturing and quality control, and our sincere attitude for manufacturing. In other words, our business style is B to B, and then we can comply with our customer's request, create our equipment with high quality, and provide sufficient care of the equipment until the end of life span. We firmly believe that these are our Brand as well as Products Capability.

President & Representative Director Isao Abe
President and Representative Director Isao Abe

Respond by everyone having the same goal

I value talks with not only our customers but also the stakeholders including employees to continue to keep better relations. I talk with the stockholders at Management Conference, and sub-contractors at Production Trend Briefing Session four times a year. Since the industry’s trend is rapidly changing, we are sharing the information to take the next step with our sub-contractors supporting our company by providing the market needs. Of course,
I convey the latest information of our company to employees and their families through events in the company, with arranging the opportunities where communication among employees can be deepened.
I always think that this company itself is a family. In case any business among LCD, Thin Film, or Semiconductor is worsened, the other one is trying harder, or in case any department is busier, the other department support. In case the company policy or big project is fixed, all employees including Sales, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Indirect Departments will proceed having the same goal. The reason why we can proceed to the same goal all together, is that there is the company culture not to miss communication with this scale.

Describe future dream with a variety of ideas

While helping over the barriers of each department, I also have come to find the next goal. In order to help other department's work, we need to digitize and share our work including know-how, but we believe that this database can be applied to manufacturing facilities as well. Although it is necessary for people's inspiration and originality to produce very good results, it is possible to realize the standard level by automating work by utilizing data and AI. People can focus on areas that only people who are ahead can do. As such, we would like to provide equipment that will make customers delighted with the comments that "Whenever using AIMECHATEC’s equipment, productivity is dramatically improved."
Although we are the company that have been developed based on FPD related technology as a pillar, we would like to further develop Thin Film and Semiconductor related technologies and increase the next pillars. For that purpose, we opened Process Development Center. This Process Development Center was established with the aim of creating new business with customers and cooperative companies using our latest equipment.
We believe that AIMECHATEC’s technologies can be utilized to diversify people's ideas and co-invent the future.

Our goal is the world's highest performance and quality. Our strength is that we can quickly embody our customers' needs and commercialize them.
I would like to continue to create new things with "Advanced and Innovative Technology" as described in the company name by fully utilizing the strengths.