No changes of our product development and brand power in the next stages

Listing on Tokyo Stock Exchange as of July 30, 2021 has been our target since the establishment of AIMECHATEC, Ltd. We believe that all our customers and related parties might be relieved by our becoming public company with the clarified direction as the entire company.

We are raising expectations for further improvement of corporate value of new AIMECHATEC from now on, as we have entered the new stage this time and gained great opportunities to achieve further growth and development.

Looking back when we were reborn as AIMECHATEC independent of Hitachi, Ltd., we were a little concerned about the brand name. However, we could have received high appreciation from our customers and partner companies for our technological capabilities and past experiences with the continued business association. We are proud that this is a proof of the proud brand power of AIMECHATEC.

Since establishment, we have contributed to society and customers by delivering manufacturing equipment related to LCD business. In particular, the equipment named ODF (One Drop Fill) developed by us became the starting point for the spread of LCD TVs and the trend toward larger screens.

As a BtoB (Business to Business) company, we are fully responsible with continued sustainable care for the installation and setup of the products or the end of life of the products, in addition to responding to customer requests and rapidly developing and manufacturing high-quality products in a timely manner. Through this accumulation, we have been able to establish strong relationships of trust with various customers, and we feel that this is also our brand power and product development capability at the same time.

President and Representative Director Isao Abe
President and Representative Director Isao Abe

Challenges by all employees

As around 30 years have passed since the start of manufacturing base in Ryugasaki, we certainly feel that business can be continued only with challenges in new technologies in the customers viewpoint, driving force to develop and commercialize products in a timely manner, sustaining power without resining, technology accumulation and affection to products. I assume that these are the current AIMECHATEC’s DNA pervading all employees, and the resources of our competitiveness.

For the future, we are currently proceeding with structural reforms for our further sustainable growth of AIMECHATEC. On the other hand, it is necessary to diversify the product and business portfolio from the past core business of LCD, and to minimize the impact of market fluctuations.

Therefore, "Semiconductor Business" represented by Microball Mounting System for semiconductor package manufacturing which is currently well performing, "IJP Solution Business" represented by equipment applying industrial IJP, which is expanding its applications for Premium Displays and In-vehicle Panels, and “LCD Business” which has been performing steadily, are placed as our Core Business. Then, we will aggressively develop these three Core Businesses with the current AIMECHATEC’s DNA to make them more stabilized, and we will plan to build more stable management base from now on.

We believe that we must cooperate each other with the awareness that everyone is a crew member of one “Ship” called as “AIMECHATEC Ship” and proceed through this rough sea without being "wrecked". We are always keeping in mind that open organization in which everyone can communicate and talk without being bound by organizational titles, and family-like company atmosphere in which all members help each other in case of emergency must be created.

Growth and Development through various relationship and engagement

A company proceeds activities with not only people (employees) who work there and shareholders, but also customers, business partners, financial institutions, local communities, government agencies, and many other people who are involved in the activities. We believe that we can grow and develop in the long-term future only by building better relationships with everyone who surrounds the company macroscopically, not by immediate profits and goals.

The "Professional" consciousness held by our all employees is to consider to maximize results exceeding the expectations of the other parties (customers, persons in the next process, related persons, etc.) even in case of any severe environments and situations regardless of each person’s own technologies, knowledges, experiences, etc. The professional consciousness is to strive to always create inventive ideas, consider how customers are pleased, satisfied, understood without being satisfied with the current situations.

To make it possible, each person must always raise their own standards.
It is not just about preparation for work. We must have broad perspectives, be interested in various things across departments and company, and continue to learn well.

We will try to be a global company trusted and supported by our customers, and to be a company that continues to contribute to society by making people's lifestyles more convenient and affluent. We will continue to create new products with "Advanced and Innovative Technology," as our company name suggests, by making full use of our strength of being able to immediately embody and commercialize the needs of our customers.