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    In using this website, the following acts are prohibited.

    • ・Acts that are or might be disadvantageous, or damaging to us or third parties
    • ・Acts that are or might be slandering our directors or employees of our company
    • ・Acts that are or might be impairing our credibility or dignity, such as against public order and morals
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    • ・Acts that are or might be causing misunderstanding alliance or partnership with our company.
    • ・Acts that are or might be causing misunderstanding that our company recognizes, guarantees, supports or recommends the linking website.
    • ・Acts that are impairing the clarity of this website such as framing link, etc.
    • ・Acts that our company deem inappropriate
  • Links

    In principle, we will not provide personal information to third parties except as provided below.

    • ・In case there is consent of the provider
    • ・In case there is any stipulations in Personal Information Protection Law or any other laws and regulations
  • Inquiries about personal information (correction, disclosure, and deletion)

    This website is possible to be linked (including posting this website URL on publications of magazines, books, etc.) on condition that all terms of use stipulated on this website are complied, regardless of profit, non-profit, internet, or intranet. In particular, it is necessary for you to confirm and observe the prohibited acts and each item specified below. In case of linking, it is not necessary to contact us. (hereafter, website of a third party other than our company that links from this website or on this website is called "link site"). The link site is managed and operated by the responsibility of the operator of each link site, and it is not under the control of our company. Please use the link site according to the terms of use listed on each link site. We are not liable for any damages, complaints or any claims, including damages from third parties caused by the use of these links, etc.

  • Notation of company name

    For Notating company name on this website, notation such as "Co., Ltd." may be omitted.

  • Privacy policy

    We recognize the importance of personal information and have established a policy for personal information protection. We will properly manage and use personal information to be kept from customers based on our personal information protection policy.

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    The use of this website and the interpretation and application of the items described on this website page are governed by Japanese law. In regard to any disputes relating to the use of this website, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

  • Inquiries regarding this website

    For inquiries about this website, please contact us from "Inquiry form".

  • Export control

    When exporting (or providing to non-residents) the technology, program, or purchased products provided by this website, please comply with the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law" and other applicable laws and regulations.