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Health & Medical Equipment
Smartphones / Tablets
(Smart Window) Our Ink-Jet Printing (IJP) Technologies are applied for Carbon Neutrality, which aims to create human-friendly environment.
(Game) Game Performance is supported by Semiconductor Parts. For further evolution of Game Devices, we are working on technological development aiming at High-Performance and Down-Sizing.
(Automatic Driving) We are working on development of Automatic Driving in the future with our Semiconductor Packaging and Ink-Jet Printing (IJP) Technologies.
(PC / Server) Semiconductors processed by our advanced Semiconductor Packaging Equipment are widely used in many Electronic Devices such as PCs and Servers indispensable for various business scenes.
(Data Center) With the spread of 5G, our Semiconductor Packaging Technologies and Information Display Devices are widely adopted in affluent living spaces such as Telework, Video Distribution, e-Sports, and Telemedicine.
(Health & Medical Equipment) We are working on further development by diverting our Semiconductor Packaging Technologies for Telemedicine being expected to be more popular with the spread of 5G, and Ink-Jet Printing (IJP) Technologies for Wearable Equipment and Medical Applications to be useful for Health Management.
(LCD TV) Our World's First ODF (One Drop Fill) Mass Production Line, which realized reduction of Production Time and Costs, contributed to the widespread use of LCD TV which are commonplace nowadays.
(Smartwatch) Our long-standing core technologies such as Fine Coating and High-Precision Alignment Technologies are used in Smartwatch Displays that enrich people's lives.
(Smartphones / Tablets) Our Semiconductor Packaging Technologies and High-Definition, Low-Power-Consumption Display Production Technologies are used in Mobile Devices indispensable in our daily lives.

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