Upsizing Mold for Nanoimprint

We conducted a technical verification of the Tiling Master * 1 that realizes “Upsizing Mold”, which is one of the mass-production issues of Nanoimprint, at our development center. By collaborating material technology and process technology possessed by domestic manufacturers and equipment technology possessed by our company, we confirmed “Upsizing Mold by applying Tiling Technology”. Based on the results obtained this time, we will promote the development of Nanoimprint applications in each field.


Please contact our sales representative or the following for details.


Contact:  Sales & Marketing Department

Person in charge: Kazuki Sobajima


TEL: +81-297-62-9119



Tiling Master refers to a Master Mold on which one Master Mold is transferred (tiled) multiple times. (Example: When a Master Mold of □100 mm is transferred four times in all directions, a Tiling Master of about □400 mm size is completed.)


What is Nanoimprint?