FPD (Flat Panel Display) equipment business

We offer total solution as process to high-speed seal drawing dispenser / inkjet liquid crystal dispenser / high precision vacuum assembling system that realizes quality improvement of liquid crystal panel and stable mass production. We have lineup to G10.5 (2, 940 mm × 3, 370 mm) of the world's largest board size.

  • Seal Dispenser

    Seal Dispenser


    • High precision, high speed drawing system
    • Free form drawing
    • Substrate size 8”wafer ~ G 10.5
    • Labor saving function, syringe automatic change function
  • Liquid Crystal Dispenser

    Liquid Crystal Dispenser


    • High speed, surface application (inkjet method)
    • Free form application
    • Substrate size 8”wafer ~ G 10.5
    • Labor saving function, automatic liquid crystal supply function
  • Vacuum Assembly System

    Vacuum Assembly System


    • High Precision and Low Deformation Assembling System
    • Cell Precision Optimization Feedback
    • Applicable for 8inch Wafer to G10.5 Substrate